Golf Lessons

Individual Lessons – Individual lessons are geared to suit the playing style of the golfer. Every swing is not the same and every body doesn’t have the same mechanics.

The very young players are still in the middle of their rapid physical development. The skeleton and muscles are changing and the swing must adapt.

ladies swingThe teen-to-early adult is strong and flexible and enjoys the big swing. It doesn’t matter much where the ball goes – just swing hard! We all love to do that.

But golf is a game of control and swinging within yourself. It is too hard to score when you are always at the outer limits of the swing.

The adult golfer that we teach usually has developed their own swing style; upright, flat, slow, fast – all different. The teaching objective is to work with the individual’s own style and get the club head to the ball in the most effective manner.golfpractice 001

It can be done!  And the fun part is to hear the student say, “why didn’t I know this years ago!”.

Playing Lesson – A playing lesson with Joel is two or four hours of golf playing a round with Joel. He will coach your shots bringing your individual lessons to the course. And as Joel plays his own round with you watching and learning, you will begin to understand the need to manage the round of golf. Each course has different characteristics. Your game will benefit from developing a plan; this round with Joel will show you how to get a shot or two shaved off each round!

He may even have a few good stories to tell!

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