Corporate Golf Outings


A golf outing is always a hit for corporations looking to provide an opportunity for the corporate team to spend some time together. The attraction of a nice day outdoors is hard to beat. Every one enjoys the experience, no matter the level of golfing proficiency.


But let Joel Edwards help everyone get the most out of the day. Joel joined the PGA Tour in 1984 and brings a tour players perspective to the conversation. He is one of the few people you will meet who has won a PGA tournament!

In all that time he has seen every swing you might imagine.

What he knows is that almost any swing will get around a golf course, but at the point of impact certain things have to happen.

So, take advantage of Joel”s experience and experiences!


Call Joel to help with your next outing!

The plan for the day will be simple but entertaining. Let us know if you want things done differently?

Start the outing with a 30 minute clinic on the range where Joel
can demonstrate some shots and walk down the range giving mini lessons
to anyone desiring a quick look at the swing that they brought to the day’s outing.

Then during the round Joel will hit shots with each group,
offering a few tips and, if desired, a few photos.

Wrap up the day with a dinner and some awards recognizing
every level of performance on the day while Joel talks about the day
and those corporate golfers he coached during the day; all with a bit of humor of course!

Joel will have a few stories of his time on the PGA Tour that all will enjoy.

  • Or, Contact Joel by email and we will call you!  And please add your name to the Lesson and Clinic Information register!