Hot Dog Player

Years ago,when I was a rookie on tour, I was playing up in Westchester NY. Westchester CC is an old style golf course with rolling fairways and undulating greens. All of the greens look like an upside down bowl. Westchester CC is truly one of the finest golf courses in the NY metro area.

Anyway I had hit my drive down the fairway on the ninth hole. I was waiting for the green to clear, and I happened to look over at my wife, who was in a conversation with 4 nicely dressed gentleman. They looked like they worked on Wall Street, and had decided to watch some golf   These 4 gentleman quickly walked away, so I assumed my wife had given them some directions as where to go.

I fortunately hit the green in two, and started my walk up the fairway when my wife asked me to come over to have a quick chat. When I arrived, my wife asked me if I knew that I was a Hot Dog Player. Of course I said “I didn’t think so”. She informed that I was and began to tell me about her conversation with those 4 gentlemen. She said that one gentlemen asked who was in the group, to which she replied “Joel Edwards and a couple other no name guys”, to which they replied “oh, ok. let’s go get a hot dog”. I couldn’t help but laugh..( I made birdie though!).

Golf can be a very humbling game! Even for Tour Players.

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TJoelEdwards1here are so many facets to the game of golf. There is hitting the ball, chipping, pitching, sand play, and most importantly putting. Above all these, learning to play golf is the most important.

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